The Campfires

Starting ideas with good conversations

How are you developing & practicing the Real Skills within your communities and networks?

How might I be able to help you facilitate and convene group conversations that spark thought and lead to insight?

Gather & Share Digital Campfires

An online gathering to share our stories and feel belonging to a group that lead with curiosity and interest in each other’s experiences.

Now more than ever before, we crave meaningful connection, purposeful conversation and fulfilling contribution. We want to belong.

Gather & Share all began because I believe in bringing people together to reflect on past experiences and how we got through them. And instead of trying to resist the urge to run and hide, we can walk forward with bravery, and find safety and support in the company of others. We can get excited about starting something new in the future and keep going, together.

Book to attend in October – The Messy Middle

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