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Getting clear about what’s next for you

There are many charities, CIC’s, non-profits and organisations out there supporting the Armed Forces Community. And having had many conversations with them, I was able to distil and refine the main pain points experienced by so many of us, as we adjust to life after the military.

We have joined forces to co-create a Goal Planning Workshop. 

Permission To Carry On is an intensive, 4-week online workshop for Service Leavers, Veterans and Reservists who want to utilise the independence they now have over their time and activities and to explore their skills, career opportunities and passions.


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Giving yourself permission

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This ain’t no DLE!!

This is an interactive, student-centred, project-focused and community-led learning experience.

We use Slack, Airmeet and Zoom to engage small learning groups during the 4-week workshop.  It is hosted entirely online with students participating from home or work.

The workshop is facilitated by coaches who encourage students to engage with each other and feedback on their work.  Each student publishes their response to the prompts and works with their learning group to dig deeper on their thinking.  

The tuition for the workshop is £220. 

If you are in Resettlement, you can use your SLC’s towards the fees.  If you have already used your SLC for this financial year, contact Abbie to discuss accessing the scholarship option by emailing

Attending students include members of the Armed Forces of all ranks and rates from various trades with a breadth of military lived experience. 

The unifying factor is – everyone is in transition and adjusting to life after the military by finding a career to be proud of.


I have been working on my transition from the military for a while and have done the usual CTP workshop, searching through job sites and writing my CV. This is different. This challenges you to look at things differently and although it makes you uncomfortable (you get told this from the start) it will make you grow as a person and have a much better understanding of yourself even if you think you know yourself quite well beforehand. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is transitioning out of the military or is struggling to adjust to life as a civilian.

Rebecca Dawson, Service Leaver and Veteran In Progress.
Greg Barton, Veteran and Business Consultant.

This workshop has the power to bring about a very powerful improvement and transformation in your life. Do the work and you will receive the reward.

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Permission To Carry On (PTCO) is an intensive, 4-week online workshop for Service Leavers, Veterans and Reservists who want to get clear about what’s next for them and plan how to get there.

Beginning Monday 18th Oct 2021 through to Sunday 14th Nov 2021.


  • 4-week intensive workshop, done completely online
  • Students from all services, all ranks and varied experience
  • Respond to prompts, putting knowledge into practice
  • CV and LinkedIn Learning Labs (delivered in collaboration with FTG)
  • Small cohort with a dedicated coach
  • Group homeroom for discussions, feedback and peer support

A week in the life of the PTCO Workshop:

Monday – Project Prompts are published.

Tuesday – Group coaching class to dive into the prompts.

Wednesday – Continue self-paced work on your projects.

Thursday – Learning group session to connect with peers, share thinking and encourage re-thinking.

Friday – Weekly projects are due.

Saturday – Feedback comments on each other’s work are due.

Sunday – Personal reflection on your feedback is due.

And repeat.

How we do it – 

We deliver a condensed learning experience through teamwork, feedback, coaching, resources and posting responses to prompts over 4 weeks, to take your goal planning and transition to the next level.

How you do it – 

PTCO students learn how to:

Reflect on past experience with goal setting.

Take the good, and the bad, and improve on it.

Consider what’s important now.

Imagine what’s important in the future.

Explore a new approach to long-term Goal Planning.

Create or improve their CV 

Learn to leverage LinkedIn

Network (in collaboration with Leavers’ Link South West)

So that:  

You can improve on what you already know.

Leverage it with new knowledge and skills.

Use your CV and tailor it towards specific job descriptions.

Get out there and build your network.

Create your opportunities.

And above all – you will meet other veterans adjusting to life outside the wire, just like you.

Numbers are limited and there are smaller learning groups for greater focus and feedback. 

You won’t feel lost and you can’t hide either.

Giving Yourself Permission

Transitioning from the military and creating new goals requires a shift in thinking, in decision-making, and, most of all, in choosing to do things for you.

Without support, feedback and accountability, this process can fail to even begin. The blinkers go on, we hide and we procrastinate.

PTCO accelerates this personal and professional transformation by providing an alternative approach to goal planning, learning how to see what’s important for you and practising self-leadership.

Discover your own potential. Thrive.

Is this workshop for you?

This workshop is practical, hands-on and interactive.  

Plan.  Act.  Learn.  Feedback.  Repeat.

It’s for people who get stuff done.

And want to learn how to do it, now that their needs are the priority.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to enrol.

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This workshop has been made possible by collaborating and partnering with:

Leavers’ Link SW Networking

Forces Transition Group