The Coaching

In Pursuit of Possibilities

Think with Ink

For veterans of military and hierarchical civilian backgrounds

Learning to be the caring and generous Leader, they wish they had.

If you want the ability to act with greater independence in service of your values and to give yourself permission to test, fail and learn – I can help you get there.

And we do this by building good habits, accountability and learning the questions to ask yourself when you get stuck.

So that you can remain consistent and persistent in the pursuit of your leadership skills on your own.

Following a no-cost 30 minute call, we will discover what matters to you most and what you feel is holding you back.

All sessions are 1:1 using video call with a short / medium / long term timeframe to suit you or your projects, and options for onward accountability support.

  • You might not need to work harder
  • How might you need better feedback and the space to think?

Think with Ink 60/60 Sessions

  • Think: 60-minute reflection and next steps
  • Ink: 60-minute productivity doing the work
  • Sessions every 2 weeks
  • £395 per month
  • Limited number of clients at one time so that we can be fully focused on our work together.
  • Email and text for when you need a boost or a nudge in between sessions. Some availability for weekend calls.

  • How would your life after 60/60 look and feel? 

  • So, I am curious…

    Because of COVID-19:

    Distance learning is a great resource for personal and professional development and allows for flexibility in time and energy.
    It can also be a lonely place.

    At the moment many distance learners and the course providers are overwhelmed and under resourced when handling these rather unprecedented times.

    Therefore, I am offering free 30 minute coaching sessions for adult distance learners.

    🟣 I can’t give support on specific subjects.

    🟣 What I can do, is help you to reframe obstacles and see them as opportunities. 

    🟣 And I will provide a 1:1 space for you work through your speed bumps.

    ⚠️ How are you succumbing to procrastination and resistance?

    ⚠️ What is your biggest blocker?

    ✅ Use the contact form to arrange an initial call and tell me about your distance learning adventure.