The Allies

Finding The Others and working together to support our unique endeavours

“I thoroughly enjoyed Abbie’s insights into my situation. Abbie helped me look at things from a different perspective and consider things I have not thought about before. Also, as I am starting a new online business and feel at times overwhelmed with technology, Abbie was able to help out in that aspect too. It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with Abbie and her positive attitude, creativity and helpful suggestions helped to solve any problem, big or small.”

Joanna Bieszczad, Therapist & Counsellor  LinkedIn Profile

“Abbie tells the truth – without fuss, without guile and with wisdom to encourage you to take your next best step in whatever endeavor you are undertaking. It’s refreshing.”

Kathleen Audet, Image Consultant & Owner of

“I observed Abbie coaching. Her style was empathetic yet challenging. She displayed an excellent understanding of emotional intelligence and how to use a socratic questioning technique to empower her coachee to self reflect in order to analyse and prioritise possible outcomes.”

Lee Patterson, Coach & Facilitator at