The Allies

Finding The Others – working together to support our unique endeavours

I would not be where I’m, or where I might be in the future, without the help, support and accountability from this Mastermind Group. We span 7 times zones with a mix of specialities: architect, coach, consultant, healer, filmmaker and writer. This diversity of skills brings such rich conversation and meeting weekly we maintain consistency and persistence. And even though we can’t all make it every week, we know we are there for each other and have multiple ways to connect and interact.

Immense gratitude for these wonderful people.

Janine Whitley and I both left the RN in the past 2 years and know how it feels to be isolated, embarking on a new career and adjusting to life outside the wire. And when the opportunity came up to expand the existing Leavers Link Network to support Veterans in the South West of England, we both said, “Hell Yeah!”

It’s great to have a collaborator and ally to bounce around ideas and keep each other motivated.

Leavers Link is free to all and unfunded. We just love it!!

You can connect with us on all the usual platforms.

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Another network of allies comes in the form of Veteran Owned UK (VOUK).

We have all served for our country across the breadth of the Armed Forces and continue to support and mentor each other as we create new careers and vocations beyond the cap badge.


When Working Together

“I thoroughly enjoyed Abbie’s insights into my situation. Abbie helped me look at things from a different perspective and consider things I have not thought about before. Also, as I am starting a new online business and feel at times overwhelmed with technology, Abbie was able to help out in that aspect too. It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with Abbie and her positive attitude, creativity and helpful suggestions helped to solve any problem, big or small.”

Joanna Bieszczad, Therapist & Counsellor  LinkedIn Profile

“Abbie tells the truth – without fuss, without guile and with wisdom to encourage you to take your next best step in whatever endeavor you are undertaking. It’s refreshing.”

Kathleen Audet, Image Consultant & Owner of

“I observed Abbie coaching. Her style was empathetic yet challenging. She displayed an excellent understanding of emotional intelligence and how to use a socratic questioning technique to empower her coachee to self reflect in order to analyse and prioritise possible outcomes.”

Lee Patterson, Coach & Facilitator at

“It was a heartwarming call where we explored in depth an interesting topic (“first day”). I felt confident and at ease that I could speak my mind and I learned so much from listening to the others. Abbie is a great host.”

Isabel Nuñez, Artist & Musician

The Facilitated Events

“I was apprehensive but I needn’t have been, everyone was friendly and willing to assist in any way they can, the ability to draw from others experience is invaluable. The main thing to remember is you are not alone!!”

Nicola, RN Service Leaver

“Being new to networking, it all seems a bit daunting, so for me, to join in, hopefully would help increase my confidence and gain some experience to help moving forward. This event truly did that for me. A big big thank you to Janine and Abbie for organising this event.”

Fiona, Veteran & Freelancer

“LLSW’s informal yet well-structured format makes it easy for service leavers and veterans to engage with each other and interested businesses. I wish I had access to a similar platform back in 2012. Thank you for making this happen.”

John, Veteran & Business Owner