The Something’s

Owning and Stretching My Zone of Discomfort

Pursuing Possibilities

Finding the courage to raise my hand.

By offering to support incredible work.

So that I can live and Practice my WHY.

Member of the Difference Maker Community led by Scotty Perry (Head Coach – Akimbo Workshops), more about his “Somethings” at:

Grateful to contribute to the GratitudeSpace project with Chris Palmore and his latest creative gift to the World, with my letter of gratitude for “The Power of Conversation”.

Privileged to be a part of the Akimbo Community and Alumni Host for the weekly discussion forums.

Host for GoGoDone Productivity sessions, more about that over here:

Time well spent at The Coaches Gathering – Facilitated by Annie Lee and Sandra Whiles. Digging deeper on our Coaching Practice and providing professional supervision and development.

The Furry Boy Freddie and I are doing our bit for The Royal British Legion as we can’t be pounding the streets of London like we normally do.

Donations gratefully received here:

And I collect t-shirts… 

NASA Space Apps Challenge

As well as the mandated company-stipulated milestones and KPIs, I have also accomplished several personally-driven distance learning qualifications and understand the difficulties we all face when endeavouring to better ourselves. I found these experiences challenging and yet thoroughly fulfilling because they allowed me to apply the theory to real life and keep learning from the impact it continues to achieve. 

I live with my mother – NO! Correction, my mother lives with me – In glorious Devon, UK. Where I enjoy an eclectic mix of hobbies: gardening, knitting and sewing projects. As well as powerlifting and golf – Which also allows me to learn the art of getting comfortable with failure. (Trying desperately hard not to launch my bag of clubs into a nearby lake!! Or drop a loaded barbell on my head!!!)

I love to learn about how people work by meeting them, reading books or articles, attending conferences and use various mediums to follow fascinating people such as; Simon Sinek, Brené Brown, Prof Steve Peters, Seth Godin, James Smith and Dan Pink. 

Volunteer Mentor for the Naval Servicewomen’s Network and the Prince’s Trust, and Partnership with Devon Careers Hub Enterprise.

Oh, and after I started blogging, I found a passion for writing and decided to raise my own bar by becoming a proper author and self-publishing. Currently I am working on my first fiction novel… Eeeek! And that is due for publication in early 2021. More about that under The Authorship page.

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