The Something’s

Getting Comfortable with the Zone of Discomfort

Member of the Difference Maker Community led by Scotty Perry (Head Coach – Akimbo Workshops), more about his “Somethings” at:

Privileged to be a part of the Akimbo Community and Alumni Host for the weekly discussion forums.

Host for GoGoDone Productivity sessions, more about that over here:

Time well spent at The Coaches Gathering – Facilitated by Annie Lee and Sandra Whiles. Digging deeper on our Coaching Practice and providing professional supervision and development.

The Furry Boy Freddie and I are doing our bit for The Royal British Legion as we can’t be pounding the streets of London like we normally do.

Donations gratefully received here:

And I collect t-shirts… 

NASA Space Apps Challenge

As well as the mandated company-stipulated milestones and KPIs, I have also accomplished several personally-driven distance learning qualifications and understand the difficulties we all face when endeavouring to better ourselves. I found these experiences challenging and yet thoroughly fulfilling because they allowed me to apply the theory to real life and keep learning from the impact it continues to achieve. 

I live with my mother – NO! Correction, my mother lives with me – In glorious Devon, UK. Where I enjoy an eclectic mix of hobbies: gardening, knitting and sewing projects. As well as powerlifting and golf – Which also allows me to learn the art of getting comfortable with failure. (Trying desperately hard not to launch my bag of clubs into a nearby lake!! Or drop a loaded barbell on my head!!!)

I love to learn about how people work by meeting them, reading books or articles, attending conferences and use various mediums to follow fascinating people such as; Simon Sinek, Brené Brown, Prof Steve Peters, Seth Godin, James Smith and Dan Pink. 

Volunteer Mentor for the Naval Servicewomen’s Network and the Prince’s Trust.

Oh, and being a writer, I blog and decided to take that passion to a new level and become and proper author. Currently I am working on my first fiction novel… Eeeek! And that is due for publication in early 2021.

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