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You don’t have to do this alone…

We create time and space for you to navigate

the awkward moments of change.

So that we can master the fear

and practice the freedom to think differently.

Are you a veteran of military or hierarchal civilian organisations, who is done with rigid thinking and regimented approaches to work?

I was. I served 15 years in the Armed Forces. Within two years of leaving, I published two books and developed a flexible process to help others reclaim volition and learn to do it better with practice and coaching feedback.

The key is to step back and get a good look at the bigger picture and get that first new perspective in focus.

  • Plan
  • Action
  • Learn
  • Support and Feedback


Think With Ink starts with small, quick steps to get your new thinking established. You’ll pick it up fast. It fits your schedule. It supports you. It moves you toward your goals.

Starting is easy.

It just feels disjointed and messy – and that’s good sign!!!

How might now, be the time for you to be the leader you wish you had?

To control the chaos, use a structure to help you get your thoughts and ideas out on paper and connect the dots.

And there are lots out there to choose: Simon Sinek’s – Start with WHY, Ikiagi, SMART, Wheel of Life, Venn diagrams and various planners.

It matters very little which one you use.

Merely use one that works for you, as a way of planning the projects, to fuel your passions, that align with your purpose.  

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I use the pen-name of A J Miller and contributed a letter of gratitude piece for my dear friend Chris Palmore’s book.

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