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Imagine a culture where…

Together we build safe spaces for the awkward moments of learning.

So that, we can master the fear and practice the tenacity for sharing our creativity with the world. 

It all starts with TRUST

And with someone who has the courage

to express their vulnerability first

Now more than ever before, we crave meaningful connection, purposeful conversation and contribution towards something bigger than ourselves.

And it can be difficult to maintain consistent and persistent steps each day towards the impact we desire. Further hampered by the feeling that patience and time is in such short supply.

To be experiencing all that and still approach our Work With Intention, it can help to have a safe space to thrash ideas, think out loud and use challenging questions to change your thinking.

If it’s all feeling a little (or a lot) disjointed and messy, a structured approach to your thoughts and ideas can help you to get it all out on paper and connect the dots.

And there are lots out there to choose from. Simon Sinek’s – Start with WHY, Ikiagi, SMART, Wheel of Life, Venn diagrams and various planners.

Being inspired by all this good work, here is how I like to look at it with my Circles of Intention:

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