Failing Fast Is The Bravest Way To Progress Forward

Are you failing fast enough?

One particularly good failure I learned early on after leaving the military was Craig’s List.

I kept hearing about it from friends State-side.

So I posted an ad about my Coaching Services. Nice pic and got to road-test my copywriting.

Well, I was so pleased and shocked it was so easy.

I got 3 responses very quickly. Over the moon and shaking with excitement I opened the emails.

However, it was for “jobs” that didn’t involve much coaching 🙈

The things I learned…

Craig’s List is full of pervs!!

And more importantly, I knew very quickly that tactic was a dead end.

I deleted the ad and moved on.

Otherwise, I would have wasted time and energy thinking about doing that ad for months.

To then find it was a bust.

Thankfully, I got my answer early. 

Failing fast is the best way to progress forward.

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, they thought of you and you can subscribe here.

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