Do You Love Creating SMART Goals?

I am so jealous because I don’t like them. And you may be a rare human.

Many folks are done with SMART goals.

And it’s time to think about goals and planning for them differently.

You are more likely to take that action if you have put in the time and effort to think about your goals and why they are important to you.

Now is the time to step back to get a good look at the bigger picture and get that first new perspective in focus. 

Then control the chaos with a structure to help you get your thoughts and ideas out on paper and connect the dots. 

It all starts with planning and beginning with the end in mind. 

To have all your values, efforts, activities and goals connected and working with each other. 

Building good habits, accountability and learning the questions to ask ourselves when we get stuck. 

So that you can remain consistent and persistent in the pursuit of your personal leadership skills and self-governance on your own. 

Obstacles will arise, it’s how you navigate them that counts.

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