Phase #2 – Stuff Integration

Yes, yes, yes… there is all that training, getting a job and starting a business malarkey. But for now let’s just slow down a little and think about all the niff naff that also keeps the mind churning.

For anyone who has worked remotely, been a city dweller in the week and a competitor in the Wacky Races of a Friday afternoon, you’ll probably be leading a double life. A purposeful and open double life, not the deceptive kind.

None of this mythical work-life balance and not even work-life integration (which is another story). Quite literally – work-life separation by design. Having two of everything, one for work and one for home. Anything from a toothbrush to a TV!

And now I need to think about bringing all this “stuff” together.

It’s like the activities associated with divorce, only the opposite. It’s not the dividing of the things, it’s the amalgamation of the things.

Where is it all gonna go?

Do I really need that?

What if it all goes wrong and I need that again?

But the purge is necessary and beneficial because suddenly, there is space.

And it can sit their quite happily voided. No need to fill it with anything.

Unless, I can fill it with quality time spent. Time to think, create and make new things.

While I am home 24/7… uh oh, I AM HOME, 24/7!!!!!!

What is the routine anyway?

This isn’t like holidays, it’s permanent.

What if I don’t like being around the kids all the time?

I love spending time with them at the weekends, but this is permanent.

And … What if the kids don’t like me being around all the time?

And … My partner does the discipline thing, so where do I fit in?

And … oh, god, what if my partner doesn’t like me being around all the time?…………………….

STOP!!!! Go to your happy place.

Think of it another way:

Wouldn’t it be great if, I could get to share the school run with my partner? Pick the kids up and take an interest in what they have been up to. They won’t like it at first, but I will persist, listen and be the best parent I can be.

Wouldn’t it be great if, I could get to teach the kids? Show them how to be brave in life, take responsibility for their actions and explain the consequences of those actions whether they be positive or negative.

And wouldn’t it be great if, I could get to spend more time with my partner, just us? Like date night or a weekend city break.

No email ding every 2 seconds with critical updates on the elusive milk thief.

Reactive activity replaced with proactive activity.

Answering the phone, when I deem it necessary.

No more meetings.

No more interruptions.

No more 2nd, 3rd or even 4th level policy writing.

No more mandatory training.

And did I mention, no more pointless meetings?

There is just me, at home, with a laptop…

At 0900, still in my PJ’s and wearing those new networking shoes, posting on Insta – #anotherharddayattheoffice

And all because you wanted to be a freelancer….

Ummmm…… expectations… not… quite… met…

Luckily, I catch the dogs’ eye and I know it is time for walkies.

And I remember, what it’s all for. Still no regrets.

On to Phase 3 – Making it Count

Oh yes… and all that getting a job / being a freelancer malarkey.

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