Little Miss Resistance

Little Miss Resistance is definitely controlling the narrative and she needs to stop!

It’s not helping you… and it is not helping her either.

Talk about a paradox!

Every day you will muster the energy to resist the resistance. And it becomes more and more difficult as you work towards your realising your dreams.

And, you’ve got this!

You did scary things before and they worked out and if this doesn’t work out, you have your tactics and alternatives.

When in doubt – return to The Master Plan, change a tactic and always be testing!

This is where your creativity comes into play and is super useful at re-focusing.

It will remind you of the bulls*** excuses you tell yourself that prevent you from doing good work… or even any work at all.

And knowing the warning signs on the dashboard when you are fatigued or simply frustrated with yourself.

This is about knowing and recognising The Dip and acting on it.

This makes you feel good and will spur you on.

For more on Resistance, turn to The War of Art – great book, that I am currently resisting reading… because I know it’s good for me and bad for Little Miss R.

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