No time for R and R – Bring on the private shame (Part #1)

“Resistance is the enemy within” – Steven Pressfield

First comes the feeling of not wanting to do something.

You could just get on with it and do it anyway.

But you don’t!

You will Rationalise:

I’ve pressed the snooze button too many times now and I wanted to be at the gym for 0600 and now it will be 0605 by the time I get there and I wont have time to do all the sets and it will be busier now and I won’t be able to get on the kit I want to and then I will be late for work… and then…

“So no, I am not going to go to the gym today – it makes perfect sense.”

That is you giving into Resistance and then Rationalising it.

This applies to many daily activities and ventures in life.

Too many stories to tell ourselves about every rational reason NOT to do something.

Take away the rationalisation, what are you left with…?

“I was too much of a bone head to just my arse out of bed and get to the gym to do what needed to be done. That was a silly decision and I only have myself to blame.”

Similarly, you could have just gone to the gym for 0605 and done as much as you could in the time you left yourself.

That would have been better than nothing.

That way next time, you will do better…

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