When there IS a time for R and R – Bring on the private learning (Part #2)

Learning is hard!

You can provide the reins, the map and even the water…

But, don’t always expect plenty of drinking to be going on.

Learning is a very private experience that only the student has ultimate control over.

Displaying a vast array of information for them to memorise for a test is not learning.

That is simply remembering. And often this process is flawed.

Giving a person information to apply to their own work, then studying the how that process panned out and the impact of the outcome – that is learning.

Learning what works and what doesn’t for them.

Learning how to tweak and change the next outcome.

Multiple versions getting better and better each time.

That’s – Recall & Reflect.

And if you want to learn more, try reading – The Coaching Habit by Michael Stanier.

And remember, when you apply the information and closely study the effects – YOU WILL LEARN.

For more of his resources check out boxofcrayons.com

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  1. Suzi Magic

    This is so true. All the stuff I memorised and committed to memory at school, then regurgitated verbatim for tests, has long gone from my brain. The things I’ve learnt in life by trying stuff, evaluating the outcome and then modifying subsequent actions are far more useful to me going forward. xxx


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