When a blast from the past makes you an offer…

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You don’t have to say yes, just because it feels safe and familiar.

I think we are rational rememberers.

After the fact, we rationalise our decisions.
Once we have made them and witnessed the outcome. Justifying our actions.

What if, you got a call from your old boss and they wanted you back?

Does that change anything for you?

The rather short answer could be – “No, but thank you for thinking of me and asking.”

Classical economics would suggest, if you were thinking rationally you would say – this is a steady income with opportunities.

It’s known and familiar. Just put up with the cons.

Emotionally though, going back could fill you with dread. There is everything else that comes with it, being stifled and restricted. The reasons why you moved on. The pros aren’t enough. This is not what you want – regardless of how the sums add up on paper.

Whilst we really know for sure what is going to happen over the next 6, 12, 24, 48… months.

Fear of the UNKNOWN, can be less than what you do know.

If the Behavioural Economics has anything to do with it – you can’t abandon a current unknown path because you don’t have enough information yet. It’s still under testing.

Bring the past into the now, by remembering all the pros and cons… all the good… and the bad…

What was the most useful thing you noticed?

Bring the future onto the now, by imagining your world as you wish it to be…

What will you do next?

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