Assumptions are simply guesswork.

Assertions require testing to find out the truth. 

You could assume that in a particular geographical location, people can’t afford it.

You could assert, regardless of location, exciting projects and change is happening and it’s not an exclusive venture reserved for the big cities.

The problem isn’t funding or the places. And it’s not even the people. 

Another assertion is, people have the problem they don’t believe they are working on something important enough to invest their time, energy and emotion.

Why would they? When the threat of failure is ever looming and things like redundancy are out of their control. 

We can all use cost as a reason to not do something. So, what we really need to ask is:

What am I ignoring that could improve with my emotional investment? 

What do I care enough about that I’m willing to compromise?

Yes, the threat of failure, looking foolish and redundancy will ALWAYS be there.

So, you have a choice…

Do nothing and nothing changes. Maintain the status quo. 

Or, step forward, be courageous and make a change. It might just give you the edge you’re seeking.

What is the benefit to the people you care about? What is your legacy? And what do you take with you? 

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