And like a game of 3D Chess..

You’re out of your length, width and depth!

What happened, for you to get there?

Lack of planning.

Lack of consistency.

Too much intensity.

You took quantity over quality. Instead of using quantity to create quality.

Your skills require improvement.

The skills are good, but you could be braver.

You over estimated.

You under estimated.

It didn’t meet your expectations.

It’s just not as important as you thought it would be.

You are not the problem. You have a problem.

You become part of the problem when you don’t do something about it.

What are you going to do?

A good place to start is, learning to say “no”.

And to help you do this, make a Things to Avoid List.

Start by listing all the things you WANT to do. You will need at least 20.

Then, pick the top 5 that are most important to you.

Score through the remainder – That’s YOUR THINGS TO AVOID LIST.

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