What does the boss really want?

Imagine a renowned finance organisation with increasingly high rates of sickness due to stress and anxiety.

Does the boss care about what you care about?

Doubtful, yet somewhat… Or at least I can empathise.

They care about the numbers, profits and costs. They want highly effective and committed personnel working within their organisation. They require them to be playing their A-game and focused on the task.

You care about people not being distracted by thoughts and feelings that could result in them making a mistake. They are sleeping well, waking refreshed and enjoying life when they are not at work. They strive for a greater work / life integration that is complimentary not combative.

Will the person you talk to be brave enough or committed enough to pass on your story?

The story being: More and more people are having time off work and the length of time off work is increasing.

All that time they are being paid sick pay and the company medical plan includes referrals for Occupational Health Assessments and Therapy.

The premiums are starting to increase.

The report says it all plainly and simply and the Board of Directors are getting worried.

There has been lots in the press about stress and anxiety. It won’t be long before the FSCS starts investigating the processes and protection a financial organisation provides to its staff and whether they are safeguarding their health and welfare.

Give the delicate and highly responsible position they place their staff in — to manage wealth and money, are they able to do this effectively? Are they making the right decisions? Can they be trusted? What other things could be effecting their decision-making process (gambling/booze/drugs)? Are they open to manipulation by competitors?

You’ve heard of mental health first aid and this would mean training staff within the organisation. And keep sending them on refresher courses. This also takes time out of their day to talk to someone in need. And if it is getting to that point, is it almost too late?

What if the problem could be prevented before it starts? Ensure staff are operating in a capacity that is sustainable. Giving them the support to do good work and develop. That does not place any strain, additional responsibilities or tasking on existing staff.

Who else is providing workplace coaching focused on wellbeing and welfare? Are we leading the charge or following suit? Has this been successful or not? Why and why not?

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