We’re all screwed… So just enjoy the ride!

Have fun, laugh, make mistakes, make some more.

Celebrate the wins – they will be in short supply.

And prepare for the Dip – well in advance.

Create time for your loved ones – whoever they may be and wherever they are.


Read and absorb as much knowledge as you can.

Then share the knowledge and spread the word.

Take it on the chin… more often than not – it wasn’t meant to be personal.

Feel like an impostor… then feel like the Expert.

Enjoy being the Expert and don’t get too comfortable – as the more you learn and grow, you will be right back to being an impostor again…

Don’t worry – its only temporary.

It was just a ‘no’ – There will be more.

It was a ‘YES’ – let’s do this!

Fail, adjust, fail again, adjust, getting better, adjust, much better, adjust, it’s best!

Happy New Year – 2020!

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