Unlearn what you think you know…

If you’re a Service Leaver, Veteran or Reservist who is adapting to life after the military, my weekly emails will help you.

And begin your Leadership posture through a new lens.

The People, the Environment and the Community Culture are constantly evolving and will be different to your world view. And what you know, might not work quite as you expected.

This doesn’t have to mean you’ve failed or you’re wrong.

Now is the time to listen and seek to understand.

Take the next smallest viable step, test and experiment.

Someone who still puzzles you might appreciate your curiosity and interest.

What are they working on right now that’s taking their attention? Where are they stuck and what’s stopping them from moving forward?

Do they have a knowledge gap? That could be filled with training or learning.

Or do they have a coaching gap? That could be filled by an empathic and curious ear, so that they can thrash out their own solutions.

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, they thought of you and you can subscribe here.

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