Making Friends with Your Impostor

So, we’ve reflected on the past year, made our resolutions, set some goals for 2020 and created our vision boards…

Now what? 

Oh yes, the implementation part. The hard part of making a start and moving forward. 

Enter stage left – His Imposture’s Voice.

The worthy adversary to the main protagonist in the narrative of life.

All the self doubt, fear, and questioning personified in an imaginary character with expertise in strategic planning to avoid the unknown.

However, just because your imposture has made it to C-Suite level on your internal executive board, doesn’t mean they get the final vote.

Hello impostor. Nice to see you today. You sound worried and frustrated because all this is a bit new and scary. 

You know, you can’t know what you don’t know.

So let’s find out. Gradually, with small steps and tests.

We have friends who believe in us. And more importantly, I believe in us. It will be ok and we’ll take responsibility. We will learn something, then we’ll know something and then we are better today than we were yesterday.

Sure, it’s important to acknowledge what’s holding you back and maybe a more important question to ask is:

Why haven’t I let go yet?

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