Finding Purpose

Or does Purpose find YOU?

Take elite athletes. Someone who is built like a brick outhouse is probably not going to be a good candidate for gymnastics. No matter how much dieting and training they do. Their frame, body composition and genetics are working against them.

However, they are ideal for powerlifting, boxing, hammer etc…

Their sport found them. Not the other way around.

Your Purpose could be much the same and it may be staring you in the face and you just can’t see it because you looking in a different direction.

Maybe you’re looking for something more shiny and more easily obtainable.

Or you could be unwilling to make a brave leap towards something you feel may not right for you.

But how do you know unless you throw yourself into it wholeheartedly?

And I mean WHOLE-HEARTED! Not a mere dalliance or cursory glance.

You might be surprised by the results and you could find the fulfilment you are longing for.

What idea are you dancing with, that is persistently loitering on the edges of your field of vision?

What magical being is lurking under the stairs in your house?

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