It’s all gone viral..

I might assert we have become dependent on “productivity hacks” to get stuff done and this is now ever more important to get the REAL work done – the stuff that matters.

A friend said to me:

“It would have been nice if my parents had taught me some of those basic needs, like leadership skills. If they had gently prodded me to ingrain gratitude into my life.”

Our parents did, on the whole, do a good job. The world simply began to move too quickly and got ahead of us. Now we’re playing catch up…

Or are we?

How might we, instead of hacking, complete in the race at our own pace? Or equally, not sign up to race in the first place, deciding there are no winners or a finish line. Just taking part and contribution – in it for the long haul.

It’s interesting that we’re getting a sense of how destructive a virus can be – when it appears so suddenly and aggressively.

And yet, we’ve been subjected to a cultural virus for years and the changes have been so subtle we’ve let it get hold. Going viral has its merits, benefits and value. And it has unpredictable negative consequences.

I can only take comfort in the ability to, if I REALLY wanted, have a choice.

I am reminded of the lag between the invention of the wheel… and brakes.

The wheel 3000BC. Wooden block brakes – 1800.

How mad is that! Seems unthinkable… now.

What safety systems do you have in place to protect yourself?

How are you using your time? How much of it is in service to your dreams and desires?

How is that daily scroll or series binge providing a hiding place for you? What if you weren’t afraid, how might you behave?

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