Saturday night TV just got weird…

Because they can’t have live audiences, the presenters are keeping calm and carrying on.

But you can see, hear and feel the tension because it’s weird for them. Having a live studio audience has become the staple component for most live broadcasts and recording… until now.
And it’s got people on the back foot.

I think it’s brilliant how they are trying. Some are doing better than others and some are integrating the great tech we have to connect with remote presenters and guests.

But, it’s incredible to see how the lack of live audience has such an effect on the show overall. With no feedback and energy from an audience, the shows now lack a little finesse, they’re back to conscious incompetence. It all feels a bit clunky, people aren’t quite sure if it’s working. They are testing as they go because they don’t want to let the fans down.

They are professionals moving like amateurs.

And yet, when you think about it, this is how TV started. And having the audience live was a new thing once. It became the new normal. And now we’re back to the old normal.

No wonder historic TV clips appear so wooden!!!

And, given different circumstances, I do wonder how long the viewers would tolerate this awkward transition and change of direction. Had they not been forced to change tact so suddenly and we weren’t forced to remain at home.

In these changing times, how are you professionally showing up to bravely look like an amateur?
What new skills are you now having to learn?
How are you testing and adjusting in your new territory? Where are you getting the feedback from now?

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