Who started that habit?

When was the last time you forgot to brush your teeth?

Ancient cultures aside, modern day dental hygiene wasn’t a regular habit in the western culture until 17th century and as with most things, was reserved for the wealthy. Then it became widespread after the Second World War.

If you want to learn about the history of teeth brushing, you can google yourself silly.

The point of this blog is to focus on the now and how a rather small and insignificant habit could change your life.

If I don’t brush my teeth, I don’t feel right. It’s like I’m not fully wake and ready for the day. And it doesn’t close off the day either. The ritual is firmly bedded in.

We’re told from a very young age… “brush your teeth, or the tooth fairy won’t visit when the next one falls out”

And yet…

We’re not conditioned to write everyday.

We’re not conditioned to practice gratitude everyday.

We’re not conditioned to develop leadership everyday.

These things only become important when we realise just how important and impactful they are. And we could do with being a bit better at them.

By that point, our day is already crammed full of daily life, work, scrolling, checking emails and catching up on the latest gripping miniseries.

Now we’re left with having to start a new habit, carve out the time and maintain momentum when all we really want to do it stop.

Now we have been given an interrupt. And sure, the world is upside down. Some things REALLY have stopped. And as the dust settles, it’s up to you how you wish to continue thereafter…

So, next time you refrain from doing something small and seemingly insignificant, remember: how horrid does it feel when you don’t brush your teeth?

And in weeks, months and even years to come, that thing which feels so impossible right now, you’ll look back and wonder how the hell you managed the day without it.

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