Fantastic People and Where to Find Them

Finding the People you seek to serve…

Are YOU the wheel?

Yes. My business means everything to me. I want to do right by my staff and my family.

Do you ask for help when you get stuck?

Not really, I don’t think anyone will understand and I don’t have anyone.

Do you even recognise you’re stuck?

I might be. Things just stay the same. In one way I’m ok with that and on the other I know something is missing, I just don’t what that is.

When your product is your passion, do you develop and grow the business objectively?

I love what I do, I started because [ insert your compelling narrative ]

I’ve always done it this way but now it’s just not hitting the mark. I want to develop but don’t know where to start. So much is anchored on this and I don’t want to spoil it. I’m scared.

Do you put as much time and effort into mapping goals and aspirations, as you would the budget for the next financial year?

I’m busy dealing with this thing right here and now, over there is far away. So far away I can’t even imagine it, even though I know it’s there.

By talking and connecting with people, you build a trusting relationship to allow the belief that asking for help, is ok.

It is not a weakness or failure, it is proactive and it works.

And you can say, “I am right here, for you. Just ask.”

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