I’m more of a chunky dunk than a daily dip.

Sure, we’ve read, watched, listened and seen a few duds from our heroes over the years.

And I can’t think of anything specific, probably because I’ve skimmed over them and locked them away. Choosing to focus on the good stuff that results in this false perspective that EVERYTHING they do is brilliant.

Recently I have been thinking about what stops me from writing, and it’s because I think what I could write might be awful.

And I’m right about that… for now. But I’m not going to get any better by gazing at a computer screen or allowing myself to be distracted by bad habits.

A training schedule is required. A programme to and keep me accountable.

Arrrghhhh…. Training Schedule.
It’s top of my list of kryptonite excuses that feed The Resistance.

Go figure, I joined the military and then it became necessary.
I did, for a time, enjoy workouts but have fallen out of love with it again. But I do like the idea of applying progressive overload (as used in weightlifting) to writing.

So, a reframe is in order. I like schedules and getting stuff done mostly. It can be a bitter pill at first but once it’s done I like the dopamine hit. I was medical, so I’m thinking I might schedule a course of medication and treatment therapy.

My Daily Dose of Dopamine (M3D).
To be taken 2-3 times per day, more if required.
Swallow with large glass of… (no Abbie) … ahem, water.
May cause drowsiness, if affected avoid driving and operating heavy machinery.
For short to medium term use.
Smaller doses permit longer term use.

What does your (non-physical) Resistance Training Schedule look like?

And if you don’t have one, how might one help you spring into action and keep momentum?

Do you prefer to save things up and get it done in one big chunk?

Or would you benefit from breaking things down into smaller more manageable dips

Try both and see what’s best for you.

How might you carve out the required time for your chunks or dips?

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, they thought of you and you can subscribe here.

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