There are two sides to every story, and then there is the truth.

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The Media has always picked a side. Then we go and create social media and give every person on the plant a platform for their own personalised brand of journalism.

I am, more than ever before, becoming aware of the manipulations and limitations of the media – in all its forms. Because we never see the whole picture and the vital context might often be obscured.

Particularly the short posts. I would assert these have been created in haste and not fully researched. A quick post and a re-post can be done at warp speed and without consideration or intention.

But, it’s not all bad.  Social Media has its merits and has been a force to create change and raise awareness. So, how might you allow social media to guide you to a place of enrichment and enlightenment?  How might you find other sources of information?

May I offer this suggestion. Start by following the story through: find the beginning, engage with the middle and see the end change.

It’s all too easy to see a post, think it makes sense and adopt a posture of agreement.

It’s far more time consuming and takes emotional labour to see a post, make assertions, challenge those assertions, do the work of making a new discovery and then deciding if it something you can believe in and commit to standing beside.

In the long run, it might well be – time well spent. Because in the end, the voices once drowned out by mediocrity can be amplified. Many individual voices spoken in unison creates a thunderous ripple difficult to ignore.


Anti-Racist Resource Guide I did not realise it was raining and I was soaked through, until I was handed this umbrella. Thank you.

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