Awakening the Consciousness

Now I have completed the first phase of a project, it has opened up space physically and mentally for me, so that I get to be more involved in the communities I belong to.  This means I have been attending more zoom calls and taking part in conversations.  The week ended with a brilliant call with the Difference Maker Community discussing: Consideration.

We were asked, what does consideration mean for you?  

And at first I did not know the answer.  It was not automatic or instinctive and I had to admit to myself I did not know.  So, I had to stop and think about it…

And there was my answer, right there, all along.  I was doing it – stopping.  

More importantly, I learned I had to be aware I was doing it.  I had to be conscious.  Once I was conscious, I could pause and realise I did not have an answer.  When I paused, I could listen.  Once I was listening, then I had information to think about.  When I was thinking, it sparked my curiosity.  Once I got curious, I then had questions.  And once I had those, then we had a conversation.

And conversations lead to empathy, sonder and understanding. 

And it all starts with being ok with leaning into the discomfort of not knowing and it becomes the pursuit of knowledge.

Now it’s your turn…

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