An architect, a coach, a consultant, a healer, a filmmaker and a writer all walk into a Zoom room…

This ain’t no joke, but there is a punchline…

No, this actually happened and this is the broad spectrum of expertise that make up the Mastermind Group I have been a part of for the past year.  And in that time we have all been working on projects in our respective fields, figuring things out, supporting each other and challenging the thinking that holds us back. 

Although we are all different, there are things that make us the same. The red threads that brought us together: Fear, self-doubt and uncertainty – driving us towards something more, something better. 

The impact is, when we are faced with these things, we know who to turn to for help and thrash out solutions to navigate these awkward moments of learning.

And the things that keep us together, coming back week after week, is when we witness a success or a breakthrough and when the emerging skills of this daring and quirky group of inspirational people, level up a notch.  And another notch and another. 

Drip by drip. Day by day. Week by week… we are getting better and we have others joining us on our quest in the pursuit of possibilities. 

Acting as if… who would you bring together?

And what’s the worst that could happen?…. They say “no”, oh well.  Who else then?

Ok… so now, what are you waiting for? 

Go boldly!

Now it’s your turn…

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