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There have been some terrible consequences for UK students in the fallout of the lockdown from COVID.  And if they haven’t had enough to deal with, an algorithm has significantly disadvantaged countless students as they progress to the next phase of their education.

Now, I’m no fan of our current approach to education or the ridged system it lives by.  So, let’s see if there might be another way…

Gen C-19, you have an opportunity to prove them all wrong.

Once upon a time, you would take an arbitrary exam, that resulted in an arbitrary metric designed to prove how good you are during an arbitrary time constraint. All instigated and governed by an autocratic system.

Now, you’re assessed on your overall performance over an extensive period of time. You are demonstrating consistency of learning, resilience in the face of challenge and persistence in pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

You could be defined as the generation that didn’t get to take exams in 2020.

Or will you be the generation, without the need for exams, still gets to prove your worthiness, progress and succeed?

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