Seeing Metrics for their True Worth

I caught myself, looking at metrics.  The ones that we think define our success and when we don’t also consider the context. 

Why do we let them define us?

I was in a workshop and was tagged in a post and realised that student’s thread had over 1500 posts!!!! 1500!!!!  And they are a beautifully wonderful person.  We love them for their creativity, generosity and their soul.

Then I questioned myself, is that not me?  Gosh I would love to be that connected and appreciated.

Then another friend, who I also consider to be beautifully wonderful, generous, kind and someone I activity pursue spending time with, their thread had under 100.

Then of course, I checked mine – I had 282.

So, does the amount of interaction dictate your credibility / worth?

I would assert, it does not.  And yet we do it.  Out of conditioning maybe? 

We let these metrics dictate too, when we are the ones in charge.  

And all I can think is, that 1500 strong thread must have been very time consuming.  How much of that time was put there, when it might have been more usefully placed elsewhere?  What was the sacrifice for that time and energy?  Does that person even think it was worth it?  Or might they feel they have misused that time and have a learned another lesson altogether themselves?

For the workshop – I set the intension to post in my thread for myself, as did my close friend.  We kept our threads tight because we know overwhelm all too well.  

And I was about to type up my oringinal notes that questioned how might we have gained, if we had just given a bit more?  Where was the excess that we could have reallocated to our thread interaction?

Then I had a different thought…

My friends and I understand how the daily thread can consume much of our time. Time and energy that could be used out in the world, in the projects we are involved in and for the people we serve.

After all, it is only a workshop.  Granted not just any old workshop, but a workshop nonetheless.   The daily writing thread informs me and helps to grow my inner work, and it is me that goes out into the world – that’s where the work starts to… well, work! And that work must be afford the time and energy it deserves. 

Now it’s your turn to tell me… here

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