One Year On…

Something came to my attention today…  

I realised I missed a milestone.  How did that happen????

A couple of days ago I remembered I have surpassed my first anniversary as a veteran.  It was 23rd Oct 2019 that I left the confines of a military establishment for the first time in 15 years with the plan to not come back (never say never, right?).  And the moment completely passed me by.  And I wondered why that might be?

Is it because I have given up counting the days?  Maybe I am adopting a more infinite mindset and the time has become irrelevant?  Or am I so caught up in all the new and exciting stuff I have going on, that to stop and consider when something came to an end wasn’t required?  Maybe I don’t feel the need to be nostalgic about that time anymore?

But…  I thought it would be good to have a look back to see how far I have come and give myself a big old fashioned gold star for effort.

Completed TMS7

Completed my coaching qualification to make my skill official.

Was unsuccessful at an interview for a role at Exeter University, and learned much more about my narrative and interactions with the outside world.

Got a job as a kitchen assistant… lasted 6 shifts because I moved my ailing grandmother into my home and there she stayed.

Christmas came and then I went to Tenerife for NYE and had a well-deserved holiday.

Did a vision board for the first time and took more of interest in the networking groups.

Got the writing bug and joined the Creatives Workshop.

Delivered a workshop about mentoring for the Naval Servicewomen’s Network and met Princes Anne.

Almost lost my little old doggy to old age…. Then the time came in September to say goodbye for the last time.

Wrote a fiction novel.

Volunteered to mentor for the Princes Trust and helped Exeter University with an online summer school. 

Been in a 6 month lockdown and continue to semi-shield because of the risks to Granny.

Renovated the garden and planted up a whole bunch of veggies – they were yummy!

Have been part of a mastermind group for over a year now and I would not be who I am today and will be tomorrow, without their support and keeping me focused.

Interviewed for a podcast for the first time. And I would like to do more.

Found my WHY, and started living it.

Recorded a series of videos for my YouTube channel about creativity.

Working on building an online community, without all the terrible social media distractions. “Online for the greater good”

Met wonderful, brave and inspiring people. 

Now editing aforementioned novel and plan to self-publish, the one thing I couldn’t do was the cover design and that is being outsourced.

Host weekly group discussions for the Akimbo Alumni Community and host GoGoDone Productivity Sessions.

Host my own Gather & Share Digital Campfires, so that we can feel belonging and less alone in our ambitious quests.

Was selected for an altMBA scholarship to start in Feb2021, I have wanted to do this course for two years, and now, it is time.

Sent a pitch to the Simon Sinek Team. It didn’t matter what the outcome was, it was the act of creating it and sending it that was important to me. Learning to set aside the attachment to outcomes and leaning in to the possibility and the Practice.

Where I am now doesn’t quite look like I expected it to a year ago…

It was necessary to lean into fear, doubt and uncertainty, and navigate that at a whole new level when the Global Pandemic effected all our lives.

I have learned A LOT. And I know I made an impact on someone’s life and helped them make an impact in theirs and others around them. 

And for that, the actual outcome is waaaaay better than I anticipated or even planned for. 

Gather & Share is back and this months topic is: Success Stories. And we would love to hear more about those.

As this year draws to close… Thank F… ully! It’s a great time to look back on your success stories.


What did you do well and why? And how might you leverage those skills / opportunities and do them even better?

What’s on the Ta-Da list for 2021? And how might you get there?

Enrol here and use promo code: WIC2020

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Now it’s your turn to tell me…

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