Choose a New Who

Is what you are doing working as you intended or expected?

Yes. Ok, feel free to give this one a miss and hit delete.


It’s ok, it happens to most of us. So let’s look for the learning opportunity.

Let’s assert the content, delivery and intension of your activities are good, have merit and serve towards a greater purpose.

How might you shift or adjust the people to which you are engaging?

Because the problem might be with your current audience. In that, your offerings are just not for them and they can easily ignore you.

And somewhere, on the edge of your perceived arc of vision, might be someone who is crying out to be seen and heard. You just haven’t noticed them yet because they intentionally fly under the radar because they fear disappointment and judgement.

So this time, rather than assuming their needs and have them align with your own agenda, how might you take some time to get to know those unseen faces and silence voices sheltering in the shadows?

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