Sharing Our Story

“A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor”

Every veteran has a story that fascinates civvies because it’s so far removed from their own lives. 

Veterans also have a habit of secrecy.  Don’t tell, don’t share, fit in and be like everyone else.

To get to a place of creativity and expressing our unique voice is incredibly challenging. 

Unlearning the thinking that kept us safe for so long.

But Wow!!! When we do, its magical and compelling. 

The trap is to stay solely in the safety of the tribe we know and trust.  That has its place and will support us.

So, how might we need to break away and straddle both worlds?

Seeking mastery as a veteran and freedom as an individual…

To have something to give a crap about…

Finding our purpose and embarking on our mission…

With bravery and freedom as our new allies –

What story might you share with the world?

Creative Talk is happening tomorrow and there’s still just enough time to register. We’ll discuss:

What is creativity?
How do I learn it?
What can I do with it?
How might I manage the fear?

We’d love to meet you and listen to your thoughts. Register here.

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, they thought of you and you can subscribe here.

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