Curating the Chaos

The messy middle has become one of those things that once you see it, you un-see it. That means we know it’s coming, it will be managed one way or another and it will pass.

I have found that in making order in other places, the creative chaos has more space to lead the way. 

So, I have been clearing out the ideas vault and here are a few that I just couldn’t leave to decay on the cutting room floor.

Stand-by for brain-dump…

Life – A game of precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. 

Life is a gym membership with really complicated cancellation policy.

… not being there yet, but closer than you were yesterday.

… deciding to do what make you happy. 

Avoid negative people, they have a problem for every solution. 

Or are they a cynic worthy of your empathy, because as Ben Zander put it – “A cynic, after all, is a passionate person who does not want to be disappointed again.” 

Convenience is the kryptonite of quality 

The most efficient way… is not always the best way. 

One is too many and 1000 is never enough

Work the system and rewire your thinking. After all its just your version of reality – its not as true as you think it is.

Culture… what’s it like around here?

I have unpredictable and sporadic flurries of flow. 

Creativity doesn’t work 9-5.  

Would you ask Mozart why he put that note there and why that tempo in that section works? No. And he may not be able to explain it either. For him… he can just play. 

Turning a passion into a job… what are you compromising? 

What happens when you get skooled? You end up inspired and yet somewhat annoyed by your mentor. That’s Resistance! Feel it and acknowledge it, then go and do that thing you have been fearing.

Accidental diminisher:  I usually succumb to this when I’m caught off guard. Like in a general conversation if when I haven’t mentally prepared for the situation I’m walking into. So, going into a zoom call 1:1 – I know to keep to curious questions and listening. General convos – oh the solutions come rolling off the tongue 😛 and they get out before I can reel them back in. So I have to catch myself doing… or rather thinking, about a response. When I do that I have to switch to listening mode and ask a very broad and open question or a statement like “Tell me more.” 

Everything looks green when viewed through emerald tinted glasses. 

Rather unruly and insubordinate….. is how I feel most days.

Don’t just be the noun… do the verb.

Animal, vegetable, mineral… Blog, snog or frog… (God knows where I was going with that one!!!)

This is / is not.. the do over you’re looking for…

What are the intellectual pay offs?

Progress moves at the speed of trust. 

Eulogy virtues – living your life by virtue you wish to be remembered for. Meaningful and inspiring. Characteristics that describe the PERSON. Legacy in how you make people feel. Generosity. Who you are, how you show up and contribute. WHY.

Resume virtues – things you’re good at, superficially- stuff you’ve done. Commodities of the person. What you do, your job or label or function. WHAT’s.

Earning the way you wish to be remembered and how to measure?

See the world as a place to apply eulogy virtues, what does that success look like?

Can someone pay it forward? If yes, you’re in the land of eulogy virtues. 

An Insight Shared.  A Problem Halved.

Ahhh, now all that Spring Clean has been cathartically published, I have a clean slate for the rest 2021.

Now its your turn to tell me…

What are some of your nuggets of wisdom? 

And please include the duds for fun.

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