Stupidity begets Fearlessness equals Success

Inspired by Stephen Gates

Stephen Gates is fast becoming another hero of mine and his Crazy One podcast is giving me plenty of food for thought.

Namely, he’s very explicit in stating too many stupid people are successful and this is because they feel no fear.

They want to do something and they go do it. 

There is no apparent shame or embarrassment. 

If they fail, they simply activate the classic shoulder shrug and move on.

No endless pouring over the why and wherefores. 

No Fear Other People’s Opinions.

No Fear Of Missed Opportunities.

No heartbreaking dismay and senseless beating oneself with the proverbial big stick. 

So how come the rest of us from the non-stupid tribe do it…?

Because we have been taught to care?

Because we can empathise with others and understand their pain too? 

Because stupidity is not for us?

Because we’re of often taking ourselves too seriously?

Because we get emotionally invested in projects and struggle to let go easily?

Because we want to leave a legacy of integrity and something we can be proud of?

Because we want to connect the dots and not end up with a meaningless collection of dots.

Because we don’t want to be remembered for a bunch of stupid stuff we once did and is now forever immortalised in social media and subject to the recurring and relentless “On this day…” reminder.

Fear is good. It means whatever you are about to do has risk, takes courage, will be challenging and painful. 

And TOTALLY worth it for the outcomes and subsequent impact.




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