Adventure Campfire

Another wonderful Adventure Campfire with a group of daring and inspirational women sharing stories about trips and travel.  We reminisced about starting something new or being somewhere different so that we can begin to get excited about starting something new in the future or keep going with a current project.

I love hearing these fascinating stories and learning about how others overcame a challenge or fear. 

Just a group of ladies chatting about life and sharing their stories. So that we can learn from each other, build our confidence and remember how brave we can be.

Because sometimes, the very thing we are avoiding… it the very thing we need to be doing. 

There’s a big difference for me between going it alone and being alone. And I am all for going it alone, I do it most days and I love it. Having all the autonomy and the only person I need to seek permission from is myself.

I also don’t like being alone. I need people around me for inspiration, challenge, energy and excitement. I need to see their success and failures and we learn from each other.

Whether it’s from behind a keyboard or in a far-flung corner of the world, you need to be able to say to someone, “Hey, remember that time when…”, and have a good laugh.

And remember how far you have come.

Where have you been and what did you learn? What did you do differently when you got home? How did it change you? How did it change the way you did something?

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, they thought of you and you can subscribe here.

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