Purpose vs purpose

Purpose and what we do are very interlinked – which has pros and cons.

In that, we get great satisfaction from what we do when it aligns with a purpose (little p).  But, when we solely rely on what we do to fuel how we feel we are accomplishing our own unique Purpose (big P), it can lead to dissatisfaction, disillusion and boredom.

There’s the quote:
“He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Often it feels more like – He/she who is asking: why in the hell am I doing this?  Can create any number of rational reasons NOT to do the very thing they need to be doing!!!!

Or, when that feeling of having a purpose is linked to a particular role or organisation. Finite projects, roles, goals, and tasks will have peaks and troughs and for things to be constantly challenging to feel that sense of accomplishment, or purpose, is exhausting.
Moreover, when the job is done – does that mean you now have no purpose?

Are you redundant?

Hell no!!!! 

By finding and living by a more infinite and universal Purpose – or WHY, will see you through the downtime, challenges and give meaning to even the most tedious of activities. I truly believe this is pivotal in living a more integrated life – especially for service leavers.

So, how might we find our Purpose and continue to nurture it during the downtimes?  To know what Your Purpose looks like for you – no matter what job you are doing?

Summer Update

My plan is… to present various webinars and classes over the Summer in the lead up to opening the Permission To Carry On Workshop in September. However, given the year we have all had with online learning and working, it is no surprise that fatigue is presenting itself. We’ve all had a really challenging year and with some restrictions lifting over the coming weeks, the Sumer hiatus will offer the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved holiday and break from routine.

Therefore, I have made the decision to launch the webinar and class programme in September, leading up to Workshop enrolment for October. This is a much better time of year to be thinking and planning as we are used to that seasonal academic tempo.

Until then, I will be working on the content and delivery to create a joyful learning experience and set you on the front foot to success. The blogs will continue weekly and if you ever need a chat or to unpack a troublesome worry bead, please feel free to DM me on LinkedIn or book in with me via my Calendly below.

Have a wonderful Summer and see you in September – when you can start to get clear about what’s next for you and get stuff done!

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