Is it the end, a beginning, or merely what’s next?

For many, myself included, joining the military was a means to an end.
That “end” being – where we were at the time.

As opposed to the bigger picture end – as Stephen Covey quotes, “Begin with the end in mind”

We weren’t saying to ourselves – right I want to work in X industry and joining the military is a good stepping-stone to get there.

Then we leave and it can often feel like starting over.  And that can be very daunting.

It’s a fresh start – of sorts.  But one with all the knowledge and experience you’ve gained over the years. 

An opportunity to give your younger self a second chance, now.

What opportunity can you grab with both hands and not let go until you get there?

And do you know what that opportunity is for? 

What it’s really for, in the end?

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