Failing To Innovate

There’s no innovation, without failure.

I’ve smashed through this Netflix series called “Movies That Made Us” – fascinating stuff. 

Namely because these classic greats were all doomed for failure. 

Of course, there are thousands of films made and discarded every year… but some make it through and go on to become the movies of our lives.  And yes, each one was fraught with doubt and uncertainty at many points along the way. 

But there were some stark themes that kept recurring.

They all were flying by the seat of their pants and making shit up as they go. Literally! Sometimes the scriptwriters were only days ahead of the filming.  And each time for various reasons the same phrase was uttered – “This was the first time that…”

Whether that was innovation in graphics, contracting the right lead actor or the company turned its hand to feature films when it’s expertise was in ads. 

And another observation that was common among these greats – each and every project had 2-3 initial believers before the rest of the world got on board.

Remember the rule of 3 to start a movement as per Derek Sivers?

(not Phil Silvers, as I keep getting those two mixed up)

Yep, works in the movie biz too!

These may be large scale, overt and well-known unicorns.  But, that doesn’t mean small miracles don’t happen in everyday life too.

When you’re about to quit – ask yourself – what am I quitting for?  And is it a good enough reason?

In need of a binge watch? Here’s the series that prompted this thought:

And that Siver TED:

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, they thought of you and you can subscribe here.

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