Time. It’s all invented.

“I appear to have several hours a day spare. I know, I’ll get a puppy!”

Says no one. 

The same can be said when starting a family. 

The desire comes first. 
Then, we slowly begin to craft our lives around this small, helpless creature. 
Making time, sacrifices and decisions based on outcomes we couldn’t possibly foresee. 

And yet, often we pass on opportunities to commit to our health, development and growth. 

Claiming, “I don’t have the time”. 

The reality is, there’s never enough time. 
And it’s not even the real problem. 

Because when we decide to get a puppy or start a family, we know deep down why we’re doing it.
Even if we can’t fully explain it in words and pictures. 

It’s just because we really want to.

And we will invent the time and energy to make it a success.

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