Becoming Smart, Always.

“It’s not what you know that makes you smart, it’s the connections between what you know that makes you smart.” – Michael Bungay Stanier

We’ve all done it. Read a book. Studied an article. Written an essay or posted on social media.

And we took the shortcut.

We hacked our way through. Reading to just get to the end. Writing to meet the assessment criteria. Hurrying to hit send.

And that makes us feel smart. We absorb or disseminate information to clock up our mileage.

But, what are we actually doing with all this information once we’ve digested it?

Because we may produce a blinding essay that meets all the criteria and is submitted on time. And we may even get a fancy piece of paper that tells us: “Congratulations, you have been awarded [insert grade]“.

So what?

Another A4 clear plastic, hole punched pocket was inserted into the professional development record.

What if….

We took what we had learned.

Stitched it together with other pieces of knowledge.

Applied it in some way.

Then studied the results.

Took the good, and thought about doing better.

Looked at the bad, and adjusted our approach.

Then, took what we had learned…

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