A Significant Changing of the Guard

How is everyone doing? 

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has left us all feeling rather discombobulated. With waves of profound sorrow, mixed with hope for a new Carolean era. 

It’s times such as this, where a deep compulsion to find a spiritual place begins to swell. Whether that be gathering in places of worship or community halls. 

And, as of Saturday 10th September, history in the making with the first televised Proclamation Ceremony. A blending of the traditional with the modern. 

She had been a constant for so long, and for so many. Displaying an overwhelming, almost ethereal, example of service and leadership. 

I feel deep gratitude for having been in her Service, while she was in ours.

Time has already begun to wrap the sorrow. Easing its burden with a cloak of nostalgia and gratitude for having witnessed such a significant changing of the guard. 

Take comfort in that at this time, as you and your families reflect and reconcile thoughts and feelings. 

“Grief is the price we pay for love”

God Save The King!


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