Why must we suffer for our art?

Asked Elizabeth Gilbert at a recent talk at Westminster Central hall.

After a deep discussion with a friend I had some thoughts on the subject.

It’s hard when people are reliant on you. 

The constant drama and you thinking, “Jesus just get on with it!”. 

Especially when it seems self generated. 

Something is always wrong and nothing is ever right. 

Being in the fray, so to speak, is frustrating and stressful enough when you have your own dreams and desires to work on, without having to deal with everyone else’s woes due to their own lack of aspirations and self-drive to get them. 

And its tough when you feel like people don’t recognise your achievements and support your endeavours. 

You are not a child. You have an ambition you are passionate about and I often think other generations are envious that we are the generation that has the drive to be actively happy in our work and to seek things we want to do. 

Yet I would imagine, every generation thinks that way and the recurring cycle will continue.

Who says you have to be eternally miserable with life in a job you hate when you have the drive and talent to do what you want and succeed? 

It’s incredibly bold when you make that commitment to change and I admire hugely anyone who does. Putting themselves out there and believing in what they are doing will make things better.

Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

If you have a talent for helping people, that needs to be harnessed and shared. 

Yes, it may take a while and we can all stack a shelf in pursuit of a higher purpose, providing we don’t lose that focus because those around us as sucking teeth and being stick in the muds…

Happy to grind through life with no enjoyment….

Well… Fuck that!

(Thank you N x)

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