Circling around ideas often becomes an exercise without application

Just do it!

When faced with a world of choices, often we become paralysed and do nothing.

The simplest way to combat this is… Just make a choice!

And limit the number of conditions.

If you are new to blogging or writing and you give yourself too many conditions: Word count, read time, topic, frequency…

These will give you a plethora of excuses not to write.

If you keep the conditions nice and flexible - you give yourself permission to do it anyway!

They say the hardest part about writing, is sitting down to write!

So, make it easy to sit down!

And when you do, leverage that free flow time and get as much written as possible.

  • Get plenty into drafts and use them when you REALLY don’t have time.
  • Schedule posts to go live when you are way from your desk.
  • And remember to use all the good work you have done elsewhere.

RECYCLE!!! – Its good for the plant and for your soul.

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