Stopping Short

“Succesful people are successful because they know their weaknesses”

“Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply”

A friend said:
What struck me is that we often focus on listening. But stop. And often that is hard enough.  But am I seeking to understand? And even that is not enough… Am I seeking to understand sufficiently to actually capture and be able to accurately repeat (and even defend) the merits of the other person’s idea? And give voice. And meaning. And discovery.

I had a similar epiphany to the quote about successful people knowing their weaknesses.
My question was, so what?
Great you know your weaknesses, but what do successful people do about them?
Is it enough just to KNOW your weaknesses?

Is it enough to just understand?

What more can we do to help others, and ourselves, be successful in life?

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