Radical Truth and Radical Transparency – Ray Dalio

Might have its pros and cons.

It encourages speaking out and broad thinking – winner!

But can be a bitter pill to swallow for some – at first.

This sort of organisational culture takes a huge amount of psychological safety and won’t happen overnight. It takes guts to implement over time and you might lose some folks along the way.

OK, Radical Transparency is about being open to taking responsibility for mistakes – AT ALL LEVELS!

But when it comes to Radical Truths. It’s essential to establish – what is truth? Because everyone has their truth. Their lived experience and beliefs they hold true, based on their experiences.

In some ways, everyone is entirely right, and wholly wrong, at the same time. Depending on your perspective. And how might you know for sure you are right, or wrong. Because ultimately, you need to stress test your theories and find out.

Dalio also advocates for “Idea Meritocracy” – where everyone is a stakeholder and gets to see all the information to make an informed decision, which therefore leads to more effective decision-making as a group.

The risk here is that an abundance of information and such varied “truths” – might lead to information overload. Paralysis by analysis.

In the book The Choice Factory, it explains that in most cases, what people say and what they actually do are two very different things.

And that might be the Human Tragedy – to have beliefs that are wrong and you’ll never know or understand why that was the case because you feared putting them out into the World and test them.

To our detriment, we are too fearful of intentional troublemaking. Because we often lack the follow-up and support to work through our failures and learn from them.

Is it not easier to simply carry on regardless, walking around assuming we’re right, and never actually knowing whether that is, in fact, true?

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  1. Gail Boenning

    Meaty topic Abbie! Thanks for engaging with the idea of radical truth and transparency. I’ve attempted a short story fiction about RTaT and it was fascinating to play with!


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