I screwed up!

I screwed up… on a few things today.

Mainly, forgetting I had not scheduled a blog until the night before publishing and needed to come up with an insightful topic of discussion sufficient enough to provoke thought in my dear readers…

For that, I am grateful for your patience and understanding.

However, this fact did remind me of an occurrence only just today.

Another screw-up…

Which required me to then have a conversation with a client and explain said screw up. And obvs present a solution.

And that I did.

Until… the boss rang and it was noted I had overpromised and created yet another screw-up.


Not to worry. We formulated a plan and I went back to the client yet again to explain, and that I was not up for employee of the month, with profuse apologies.

However, they were not happy with Plan…C, and would be speaking directly to the boss to resolve it.

I had briefed the boss of this outcome and an email from the client would be inbound.

The message began with, “I screwed up this negotiation…”

It was at that moment that I released, not many folks get to start an email to the boss this way.

I feel completely able to be open and transparent – AND IT IS GLORIOUS!!!

If your organisation is not fostering a culture and an environment that enables people to screw up… please think again.

Even though I screwed up, it was a “keep calm and carry on” moment and I then spent the rest of the day fully engaged with my tasks and made significant progress.

This would not have happened had I been worrying about the screw-up, that tomorrow, will matter not.

I am a happier person for it, as is the organisation.

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