To blog or not to blog…

I started blogging through Medium (Instagram for writers) in May 2019, migrating to a website that August and I have never looked back. Maintaining a 2-year streak of weekly blogs.

It became a way for me to unpack ideas and challenge my thinking.

Which then helps others to rethink ideas and how they might unpack them.

It’s my way of expressing my thoughts and values. And if people reading it agree, then we have a connection.

And for those with differing ideas, we can connect in spirited debate.

I also know all too well those questions that will be whizzing through your mind:

What if I don’t have anything to say?

How will I have the time?

What if people don’t like what I have to say?

Who’s even gonna read this shit?

Well, the only way to find out the answers to the questions is to start writing a blog.

And the hardest part is the sitting down to write.

But, I promise, that when you do the words will come.

And so long as you are interacting with the World, you will always have things to write about.

Blogging often gets confused with advertising and it’s used to funnel potential customers towards a product. It can be used in this way but will only work if you’ve already built a trusting community of followers.

For me, blogging has very little to do with sales and revenue. Blogging is my way of honouring the people who have given me permission to hear my voice and I can share other ideas with them.

One of my hero bloggers is Seth Godin. I not only admire his content but also follow his lead when it comes to WHAT a blog is for.

Maybe a podcast might be more your style?

If you have been forwarded this by a friend, they thought of you and you can subscribe here.

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