New season. New Goals.

It’s time to change things up.

And as the season changes, so do our priorities and intentions.

It’s that start of a new academic year following the summer break that seems ingrained in us to begin new things or reinvigorate a lagging project.

The kids are back to school, and so are you in some ways. And it’s not too late, but time won’t wait either.

So, how might we be more intentional about our intentions?

Well, it’s pencil and paper time.

Write down everything you want to get done.

And NEWSFLASH!!!! It’s unrealistic to think all of it is achievable.

Time to prioritise and pick the top 5 most important things.

Everything else becomes: THINGS TO AVOID!!!

And I mean avoid!!!
These are the things you say “no” to and if you want it on the important list, you will need to swap it out. Or wait until one has been completed and there is space for a new activity. 

The most important question to ask yourself when prioritising each of these goals is:

How is this important for me?

I want to achieve __________ , so that __________ . And then I can __________ .

You might even find some of the things on that avoid list never become a priority or become irrelevant.

Begin to collect the dots, then work to connect them.

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