Mistakes and Regrets, I expect we all have more than a few…

Some might even be in progress.

And I suppose it will depend on your definition of a mistake and a regret. I was once quoted as saying, “I don’t think I’ve ever really failed, just got a little better each time“.

And when something does go amiss, all too often we blame or attribute it to the very last thing that happened. The straw that broke the camels back. And it’s easy to forget the several steps that led up to that undesired or unexpected outcome.

If it’s the outcomes we are focused on, of course. And whether we are measuring the outcomes as a success or failure. Or might it be better to look at the decisions made in service of that outcome?

Because if we don’t analyse the whole event, where’s the learning and the opportunity to adjust our decision-making process if it was flawed?

It would be pointless to think after having a bad day – yeah, I really shouldn’t have even gotten out of bed this morning.

How was your sleep that night? What were you doing the day before? What have you been doing all week? Who has been supporting you recently? And who has been grinding your gears? Did you keep saying “yes” to things and forgetting to say “no”?

And is it even a mistake, if it wasn’t truly your fault?

So, what if there was a litmus test for mistakes? And feel free to devise your own criteria.

Condition 1: Were you acting recklessly?

Condition 2: Was it illegal or unethical?

Condition 3: Was it your ultimate choice or decision?

Because then, everything else is you taking responsibility for learning to do your best.

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